Recent publications


Pazza, R.; Kavalco, KF. (2015). Uma pequena introdução à genética de felinos domésticos. Araucária Comunicação e Editora. Link.

Pazza, R. (2015). O DNA Curioso. Araucária Comunicação e Editora. Link.

Silva, MA; Kavalco, KF; Pazza, R. (2016). Ecologia e Evolução no Cinema.Araucária Comunicação e Editora. Link.

Book chapters

Sassi, FMC; Resende, SV; Pazza, R; Kavalco, KF. (2018). Natural hybridization between chromosomal discrepant species and the role of hybrid speciation in the genus Astyanax. P.123-138. In: Norris, N; Miller, C. An essentioal guide to cytogenetics. Nova Science Publishers, New York.

Articles published in periodics

Rocha Reis, D; Brandão, KO; Almeida-Toledo, L; Pazza, R; Kavalco, K. (2018). The persevering cytotaxonomy: discover of an unique XX/XY sex chromosome system in catfishes suggests the existence of a new, endemic and rare species. Cytogenetic and Genome Research.  Link

Pazza, R; Dergam, JA; Kavalco, KF. (2018). Trends in karyotype evolution in Astyanax (Teleostei: Characiformes: Characidae): insights from molecular data. Frontiers in Genetics,  9: 131. Link

Brandão, KO; Rocha-Reis, DA; Garcia, C; Pazza, R; Almeida-Toledo, LF; Kavalco, KF. (2018). Studies in two allopatric populations of Hypostomus affinis (Steindachner, 1877): the role of mapping the ribosomal genes to understand the chromosome evolution of the group.  Comparative Cytogenetics 12 (1): 1-12. Link.

Pazza, R; Cruvinel, LA; Kavalco, KF. (2017). Parallel evolution evidenced by molecular data in the banded-tetra (Astyanax fasciatus). Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 70, 141-146. Link.

Resende, SV; Kavalco, KF; Pazza, R. (2016). Morphological and genetic divergence of a small stream fish species along a watershed. Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 68, 66-73. Link.

Kavalco, KF; Pazza, R; Brandão, KO; Garcia, C; Bertollo, LAC; Almeida-Toledo, LF. (2016). Chromosomal Diversification Higher Than Molecular Variation in Astyanax aff. fasciatus (Teleostei, Characidae). Zebrafish 13 (4), 345-353. Link.

Pazza, R; Argento RFM; Mariano, IHS; Kavalco, KF. (2016). Phenotypic plasticity and karyotype conservation in allopatric populations of Astyanax aff. fasciatus (Teleostei, Characiformes) at the Upper Paraná river basin. Acta Zoologica 2 (97), 241-245. Link.

Ferreira, M; Kavalco, KF; Almeida-Toledo, LF; Garcia, C. (2014). Cryptic diversity between two Imparfinis species (Siluriformes, Heptapteridae) by cytogenetic analysis and DNA barcoding. Zebrafish 11 (4), 306-317. Link.

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