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Distribution and morphological diversity of Astyanax rivularis

Distribution and morphological diversity of Astyanax rivularis Lütken, 1874 (Teleostei Characiformes) in the upper São Francisco River basin, Brazil

Rubens Pasa, Caroliny Helena Moreira Fernandes, Renan Rodrigues Rocha, Karine Frehner Kavalco

Astyanax S.F. Baird et Girard, 1854 (Teleostei Characiformes) is one of the most well characterized of the neotropical ichthyofauna and is composed of fish with great ability to adapt to different environmental conditions and a wide spectrum of interaction in fish assemblages due to its structure and population density. This study presents the geographical distribution and morphological diversity of Astyanax rivularis Lütken, 1874, a fish historically complex and extremely diverse, in tributary streams of the left side of upper São Francisco River.

Biodiversity Journal

2019, 10 (4): 307–314